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DCI-Builders knows best when it’s about your roofs

We take your roofing requirements seriously, that’s why we really dig deeper and examine every detail to give you the most reliable and dependable roof. We serve residential, commercial and industrial building. DCI- Builders Has been in the roofing business for several productive years now and we have contributed a lot in making the skyline of Palm Beach a much better sight to watch.

Every roofer has their own roofing technique; some better than the others. So don’t be surprised if you happen to see one with the same material and design with another and you notice that one is much superior compared to the other.

This is not impossible since we at DCI- Builders have in our employ highly skilled workers with several years of experience behind them. It’s totally different when experts do the job compared to beginners.

We specialize in installing several roofing materials which include shingles, metals and PVC   among others.  We can help you decide which roofing material, design and style will fit your building perfectly.  We do this by first making a project study and then submit our findings to you. We will discuss with you the merits of our presentation and you can ask us your questions as we go along.

Your full satisfaction is always our main consideration. If you have any suggestion or entertain ideas about your roofs we would love to listen to it. We are always finding ways to build quality roofs with the lowest expense on your part. You can expect to get the most value from your investment and you’re going to enjoy your roofs for a long time to come.

We have faith in our roofing ability that we are willing to extend a 50 year warranty on our materials and workmanship.

If you have problems with your existing roof right now, we also specialize in minor and major repairs, reroofing, coating, and other services that your roof may require. We will take a look at roofs and will devise a repair plan to extend the life of your roofs to the maximum.

We rely on our roofs to protect us from the outside forces. It works 24/7 without rest. There’s no fair weather for them. Whether it rains or shine, they are always at work to protect us from both.  The true test will come when there are stormy weathers. They should be able to hold on the same patterns of weather year after year.

We also offer roof inspection services.  This is for free. You can call us and we’ll include your home for a once a year visit and after stormy weather hits Palm Beach. We will come over for an ocular inspection. Don’t you just feel secure when you see our vehicle stopping by your place and our expert roofers taking a look at the condition of your roofs? It’s a always a welcome sight to see help is on the way.

We have proven ourselves worthy to be called the best Palm Beach roofing company, DCI-Builders, but we’ll leave it  to you our valuable customers to decide on that.






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