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DCI Builders: Excellent roofing is our business

We have been serving Palm Beach for a decade now, always giving it our best. For this reason, we have left a big impact on both its commercial and residential roofing needs. When we started in 1914, we weren’t really beginners in the roofing scene. We brought with us 35 years of experience as we shared our experience and expertise together.

This family owned Palm Beach Roofing Company is doing everything in order to provide you with an exceptional roofing service: including brand new installations, re roofing, roof repair, and leak detection and repair. There’s nothing we can’t do. You can rely on us to deliver an exceptional roofing job all the time.

We never stop training our personnel. They are experts in all aspect of roofing.  As the years go by, their experience growing experience continues to  contributed to our exceptional roofing performance which is responsible for our being at the top of the roofing business right now.

We’ve never lost out personal touch with our customers. We treat all of them as friends, more than just customers. That makes us work even harder. We don’t want to disappoint them in anyway. From the very start of the entire construction process we always treat each project special. From the visit and evaluation process up to the signing of the contract is done with meticulous preparation.

This is essential for the construction phase. We always make sure that we understand what our customers want and what they expect from us. So that whatever roofing job we do for them, it’s always in line with their expectations and the results are more than what they were looking for.

There’s a difference between wanting to finish the job and caring to finish the job. We care more than we want. We always deliver on time because we care for your project. Your project is also ours: and that makes us partners. Whatever is important for you is also important to us. Since we consider you as our friends already and partners as well there’s no reason at all for you to get second best.

We specialize in all kinds of roofing systems and whatever roofing materials you want installed in you residential and commercial buildings. We have several residential re roofing options at your disposal. You have a choice of cedar shake, brand new tiles, and galvanum seam standing metal roof. For your commercial roofing needs the alternatives include TPO, PVC and BUR roofing system.

We are certified GAF Master Elite Contractor and that makes us privy to whatever new development in roofing technology any time it’s available. In additional, you will receive better and longer warranties because of our ability to provide with more than what our competitors can offer in terms of durability, performance and longevity. Of course, our roofs are also beautiful and will help improve your building’s curb appeal.

Contact us right away for our nonbinding free evaluation inspection. You don’t have to hire us after we submit the report.