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DCI Builders will always follow what’s in the contract to ensure the success of your roofing project   

What are you looking for in a roofing company? Maybe you have been asking that same question to yourself and you’ve been trying to find the right answer. The truth is that there’s no single right answer to this question. There are so many aspects of roofing that needs to be addressed in order to carry out the job successfully. The best thing is that we have them all at our disposal.

What you’ll notice right away when you call or send us an email, is our immediate and prompt response. That’s a mark of a highly responsible and reliable company.

What we do next is to agree on a schedule which is most convenient for you so that we can meet together to discuss the entire project. We will visit your construction site afterwards and take an ocular inspection of what needs to be done. We know that projects always have a rush nature, but it doesn’t mean to say that we will push you into making rash decisions.

What we do however is to expedite the plans in your behalf.  It’s better that we do it because we are the experts and this is what we do for a living. That is if you agree. Then we will explain everything to you. If you have any corrections we will discuss it with you. It’s a simple give and take of opinions and our experience has taught us that the outcome of these type arrangements always leads to ideal results.

After we sign the contract, contracts are part and parcel of all our dealings, we handshake on it. The cost estimated including the time when the project is going to be finished is also there. The type of roofing materials is very important that’s why it’s particularly specified in the contract also.

Why do we insist on contracts? It’s for your protection not that you need it. It’s the basis of your trust in us.  We consider it sacred. We have all our commitments written in it. We will deliver what we have promised, according to what is stipulated in it.

Our work always involve you every step of the way. We do it by making you a part of every major decision making. Although the contract has been signed, still, you have the right to know what’s going on during the construction proper. You have established your time table and it’s by it that we follow our own.  That’s where we will base our accomplishment reports on a regular basis

Our ability to follow your time line depends much on our highly trained and very experienced roofing staff.  We also own the most advanced roofing equipment to carry out our job faster without sacrificing quality. Only the best technology is applied to your roof. There’s going to be no question concerning its durability. The outcome is always perfect.

Aside from installation of new roofs we also perform leak detection and roof repairs.  Our services also consist of re roofing and coating. We specialize in metal, shingles, tiles and PVC roofs. All our jobs and materials are covered by a warranty.  If what you’re after is the highest quality and the most superior roofing in Palm Beach for your homes and commercial building, it’s us at DCI Builders that you want.








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