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In DCI Builders, you are number one with us

How do you equate 35 years of cumulative service? There are many things that can happen during those long years. Depending on how you spend it, you can either improve your life or make it worse.  For us at DCI Builders we did right by coming together and pooled our talents share it to provide the best quality roofing for your homes and commercial buildings. We must be doing right since business has been soaring beyond our expectations.

Home and commercial building owners usually think that everything about roofs is expensive, difficult, and any work done involving it takes long to finish. That’s the usual perception but not if we have our way of doing it. It doesn’t have to bust your budget, nothing is too difficult for us when it has something to do with roofs and we are the fastest roofing company in Palm Beach.

Price is really relative. When we say expensive it means we’re not sure how long it’s going to last. We have no idea how it’s being done. What put’s us off normally is the initial cost. However, why do we buy expensive smartphones, cars, diamonds, and other luxury items? It’s because we derive satisfaction from them. They represent a higher status quo in life. People are attractive to us because of what wear and own.

Our roofs are like those. We always see to it that that you are fully satisfied with them. They will deliver what you expect from them: long life, highly durable, super in quality and exceptionally fascinating. It’s something that you’ll be proud to crown your house or building. People who are familiar with roofs will be able to differentiate between those that are really exceptional and the ordinary. Our roofs always excel and there’s no mistaking it.

So what about the price? Our prices may be a little bit higher compared to others but a difference of few hundred dollars will convert to several more years of hassle free performance. For every dollar you spend you get much more in return.

Nothing is difficult with us. We are highly experienced remember? We are also highly skilled, efficient and dependable. Whatever your roof requirements are, installing of new ones, re-roofing, roof repair, customize roofs, coating, reinforcement, or leak repair won’t take so much effort. We have the equipment, materials and man power to deliver what you’re looking for. Why are we sure that you’re going to be fully satisfied? It’s because we you are always involved in every step of the way so the final outcome is a foregone conclusion.

How about the delivery date? We will stick to our promise and even finish the project earlier. How about the quality? No worries there. It’s going to be exceptional just the same. No problem there. We have a working system in place. It operates like a precision machine with all parts working smoothly. Before long, your roof is installed or fully restored to brand new like condition.

Roofing in Palm Beach, that’s our job, and we are proud to do it. You have accepted us with open arms and made us number one. You are also number one with us.


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