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Tips for Protecting Your Roof Shingles from the Elements

If you have roofing shingles on your home, they are going to be exposed to sun, rain, snow wind and other natural weather elements 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

While this type of wear is built into the design of modern roofing shingles, if they are installed improperly or not maintained adequately, the abuse they receive from the elements can shorten their useful life.

It Begins with the Installation

How effective your roofing shingles will be in protecting your home and how long they will last depends on the way they were installed in the first place. During installation, roofing shingles need to be properly adhered to the roof surface.

Nails and roof tar are widely used to keep the ends of roofing shingles from peeling up over time. Any area that is exposed eventually may curl. And improperly adhered roofing shingles can cause leaks and damages to the roof itself.

Benefits of Roofing Tar

When shingles start to bend or curl as they settle, you can use roofing tar or another adhesive to reattach them to the roof’s surface.

Apply a small amount of roofing tar the affected shingle and press it firmly into place. You can use a roofing nail to hold the shingle in position until the tar dries. Just make sure to cover the nail with a protective silicone or roofing cement so that the nail hole doesn’t begin to leak later.

Clear Debris from Roofing

To extend the life of you roof, clear debris off of it at least once per year. You can use a power washer or even just a simple broom to remove leaves, tree branches, trash and other materials that can collect on your roof.

If they are allowed to collect on your roof, this debris can break down and the resulting compounds can sometimes eat into your roofing shingles, causing long-term damage.


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