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The Top 4 Reasons Roofs Wear Out

The life expectancy of your roof can be anywhere from 20 top 100 years, depending on the material it’s made from, your climate, and many other conditions.

But there are four primary things that can negatively affect the useful life of your roof. If you are experiencing any of these top four “roof killers”, you probably will need to replace your roof sooner rather than later.

1. Neglect

One of the most common causes of premature aging of a roof is regular old neglect. When a roof is not properly maintained — such as allowing drains to become clogged with leaves and other debris, not clearing pools of standing water, or making the necessary minor repairs in a timely manner — little problems can turn into major problems very quickly.

2. Expansion and Contraction

Roofs are built to expand and contract with heat and cold, a natural process known as thermal shock. But if you live in an area where there are particularly large temperature variations — in other words, very cold winters and very hot summers — this can cause more strain on your roof, which expands and contracts at a faster rate and with more regularity.

3. Excessive Heat 

The breakdown process is speeded when your roof is in an especially hot climate. Damage caused by the sun’s rays are worse when it’s hot. A typical roof can reach 150 degrees F on a hot summer day when the temperature is around 90 degrees F. Over time, the roof’s flexibility weakens.

4. Ultraviolet Rays

Although they are invisible, UV rays are one of the worst roof killers of all. On both sunny and cloudy days, UV rays bear down on your roof, causing free oxygen molecules to mix with heated hydrocarbons to deteriorate your roof’s surface.

This type of molecular breakdown can dry out the natural oils in your roof, causing roofing materials to become dry and brittle. Over time, the roofs’ waterproofing abilities will break down.

Properly maintaining your roof and watching out for these four top roof killers can help your roof last longer.



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