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Your Roof Should Be Beautiful and Durable

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DCI-Builders is as meticulous as you when it comes to your roof construction requirements

Are you the type of home owner or commercial building operator who’s very meticulous about how your house or building looks like? Like a Marine drill sergeant who wants everything inside the barracks look spec and span? You are in a better position than him since he has no way of beautifying the place, but you do. You have several options available to you not only to keep your place shiny and totally clean, but also to make it look impressive.

We know that if you’re meticulous about your windows, doors, floors and everything else, the roof won’t escape scrutiny. Aside from being durable you want it to be beautiful as well. A lot of West Palm Beach roofer knows how to build durable roofs, but we are one step ahead of them because of our ability to make them look fantastic. We make sure that their appearance will add more beauty to your building, whether they can be seen by the public or not. We don’t want to hide some skeleton in our company’s portfolio.

DCI-Builders sees to it that we provide your building, both commercial and residential, with the complete roofing service. You won’t have to settle for second best. If we can make your roofs really beautiful you can be sure that beneath those wonderful vistas, there’s a roof that meets all the standard specifications that both the roofing industry and government building codes have imposed so strictly. The building inspector will have no second thoughts in approving the roof’s integrity.

Roof construction is a serious business. It requires expertise and experience which have in ample supply. Every step in roof construction requires concentration and precision. One misplaced nail, or failing to apply a coating will result in roof damage in the long run. Our construction supervisor gives importance to minute details and everything should be by the book. There’s no room for error. Water is an unforgiving adversary. It’s natural for it to find the weakest part of your roof and every chance it gets, it’s going to exploit the opportunity to destroy that part and inflect damage to your roof.

Leaking roofs are good example of this. There’s no hole, break, gap, crack, slit or hairline opening that it’s going to miss. It will keep on ‘hammering’ that part until a breakthrough is made. When it rains you will notice some portions of floor with a pool of water, your bed sheets showing some parts being wet, and water cascading on your walls. When you look up, you’ll find water stains in your mezzanine. It’s going to cost you.

It’s not too late to have your roofs inspected and repaired if necessary. Our DCI-Builder roofing experts will need no second call. They’re going to go to work right away. They’re going to go over your roof with eagle’s eyes. They won’t touch anything. If they find certain parts that needs repair, they’re going to discuss them with you first and ask you what your plans are.

While our West Pam Beach Roofer expert does the inspection, it’s you who will make the final decision.



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