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DCI Builders has come up with a 6 point plan to help you with your roofing needs

West Palm Beach is located in Florida State one of the places in the country which has a very volatile weather. It has a long hurricane season which can put roofs to the test. It’s almost tempting to say that, Florida roofers are the best in the country. With all the bad weather that they have to deal with, they must have develop better roofing techniques compared to roofing companies in the entire country.

Of course, roofing companies from other states will dispute this and rightly so. Anyway, there’s one West Palm Beach Roofer that stands out above the rest. I’m referring to DCI Builders. We treat hurricanes as normal part of our job. We have grown used to them and we know how to deal with them. Our roofs have survived the worst and for our many accomplishments in the roofing field we have earned the distinction as the best roofer in West Palm Beach.

We provide the best roofing materials backed up by our highly skilled and experienced roofing experts.  Whatever  is your building or home roofing requirements, replacement, brand new installation, or repair, you can expect a roof that will survive the hurricanes that come to create havoc year after year, with no end in sight.

We have formulated a six point plan to make everything easy and convenient for you.

The inspection phase. We go over the place and examine the building.

The estimate phase. Just like many other West Palm Beach Roofer, we don’t charge our roofing estimates. After we done with our estimates, we’ll give you a copy of a computer print detailing everything up to the smallest item. The difference with us and the others is that we’ll already ask you concerning your plans and ideas. This will include your roofing material choice. This is important since it will enable us to come up with a very accurate estimate.

Design and contract discussion phase. The third meeting is evenly distributed between discussing the roof design and agreeing what are things that will be included in the contract. This is another innovation on our part. when we talk about design, we can’t help discussing about the cost as well. Then we go down to the date when the job is going to be finished.

Contract signing.  After going over the document and both parties agree, you and us, we will sign the contract with you.

The work phase.  The roofing job starts in earnest. We always abide by what is in the contract. We only use the agreed materials and only employ highly trained and licensed roofers.

Collection Phase. After the job is finished and certified by the building inspector, we turn over the roof to you and we also collect the payments. We promise that there won’t be no cost overrun and delay in the construction and turn over

If you have any question about our six point plan, we’ll be happy to answer them all. You can Call us or send us an mail right now.















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