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We Know Which Tile Roofing Materials Work Best For Your Building



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Tiles are one of the most elegant materials. They’re beautiful and impressive. They can easily give your house or building a unique character that makes them stand out from the others. They are very durable and will last longer when compared to other roofs. They can last thousands of years as evidenced by certain archeological findings.  With our advanced technology, I believe that our tiles are better than what they have before.

Tiles are considered green roofing since they are made from organic ingredients. There also tiles made of plastics. Most commercial and residential building owners are going for those which don’t have inorganic ingredients. However, it’s your prerogative in choosing which kind of roof tiles you think will work and look better with your building.

There are different kinds of concrete roof tiles and they are the following: Spanish roof tiles, Roman style, flat tiles, flat tiles, flat interlocking tiles, and curve tiles. Don’t be confused by the names since some manufacturers tend to name their products according to their own wishes. Other names include, flat shingle, interlocking shingle, English tile, Greek tile and much more.

Roof tiles have several advantages which other roofing materials will find difficult to duplicate. One is they have more styles and designs. They have the ability to impart on your house specific characteristic which you have in mind. You may want your house to appear like a Spanish villa, an English manor or a Greek chateau. They are an exciting lot.

Tiles reflect sunlight and impart a cool atmosphere inside the building.

They last very long, we have the proof of that already, and they are not easily affected by bad weather. They’re heavy and that’s one of their advantages. Some would say that their weight is their main drawback because more reinforcement is required to support them. However, this precaution may just save the house or building when the weather really turns very nasty.

They seldom leak. Since they are made from natural sources they are non toxic and they don’t catch fire. Unlike metals that rusts or other materials that rots, tiles are resistant to both. They are not affected in anyway by rain and intense heat.

They are made of natural materials which make it difficult to make them very hard. It’s not advisable to walk over them, for they might crack. Left alone, there’s no need to do any maintenance job on them for at least 20 years. That’s how sturdy they are.

Our DCI Builders roofing specialists have installed of this type of roofing several times already. Our expertise has gone back for almost a decade. However, if you count our individual experiences I can proudly say that we have done this for more than 3 decades by this time. That’s how skilled we are in installing, repairing and maintaining roof tiles.

Give us a call right now. We are the number one West Palm Beach roofing company and we can give you more information about them. Since we don’t manufacture any roof tiles, we can give you a more balance overview which tiles work best for your building. We will present the advantages and disadvantages as they are.



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