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Whole House Back-up Generators

Nearly 60 million households trust their outdoor power to Briggs & Stratton. And now, we can help you keep the lights on during hurricanes, power outages and blackouts — with backup generators developed to meet all the needs of your home. With Briggs & Stratton, you get the smartest, most economical, most efficient, custom standby generator solution on the market.

Briggs & Stratton offers an industry-leading warranty on our generator systems including full four, five, six and ten year parts, labor AND travel warranties depending on model selected. This eliminates the guesswork of what is covered on our products and what isn’t. Feel confident when you purchase a Briggs & Stratton standby generator, we’ve got your back.

Briggs & Stratton is here to back you up for today, tomorrow and several years after your purchase. Unlike other standby generator manufacturers, our warranty covers parts, labor AND travel for the full length of the warranty with no hidden fees!

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